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Please join us for a free meal at 5:30 pm on the first Monday of each month. 
All are welcome to come join us for good food and fellowship.

The menu for our next Free First Monday meal
June 4, 2018 TBA.

Deliveries are available to shut-ins
Please call
Joanna at 309-244-7496 or
Church office 309-244-8800

Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board for food donations and workers. As always, your help in providing groceries, and preparing and serving the meal is greatly appreciated. If you prefer to make a monetary contribution to the First Monday Meal, you may place your offering in an envelope and mark it First Monday Meal.

Free First
Monday Meals


Are you a natural born teacher? Do you enjoy helping others accomplish something? Do you find that other people turn to you when hurting and needing someone to talk to? You’re probably gifted in those areas. And you’re probably gifted in other areas as well.

God blesses all of us with special gifts. Those gifts which come from the Holy Spirit we call spiritual gifts and are uniquely designed to help the Church do what God has called it to do. Of course, we are not all equally aware of the gifts God has blessed us with nor do we always know how we can best use the gifts God has given us to do what he would have us do with them.

An online spiritual gifts inventory at http://delavanumc.giftstest.com/test.

417 Locust St. 
Delavan, IL  61734